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The do`s and don’ts of website design in Kent

When putting together a website and considering website design in Kent there are many things that you should never do and some things that are considered to be essential for any website design. One of the main factors that should be the first thing you take into account is the actual content that you are going to include on the website.

To begin with you can think of the website design in Kent much like a family tree, in that you have the main page and then pages branches out from this. Keeping things simple and planning the layout at this stage will go towards a far better and more professional looking website later on. How many pages you would include would be based on what it is you want to get across or what you sell. However you will at least have to make room for and include a home page, about us and contact page.

The next tip for website design in Kent is to make the information easy to find. Good links from the main home page are essential. However you will also need clear links preferably in the same page on all pages that branch off from the home page. Someone who has gone three or four pages into the website will not want to keep hitting the “back” button or even the “home” page button. They should be able to navigate wherever they want from whichever page they are on at the moment. If you put the links or buttons in the same place, preferably at the top and to the left hand or right hand side on every page those browsing will also not have to go looking for them.

You also have to give thought to the layout when it comes to text size and colours. Text does not want to be too small that it is hard to read without a magnifying glass yet it does not want to appear to be “shouting” out at those reading. You also do not want to distract from what you are getting across to those reading by making text hard to read because there are many graphics or you have a graphic background. Stick to a simple plain background as this will be the easiest on the eye. Flashing images, buttons, gifs and videos all distract and can make the website look unprofessional. You do not need to include a huge page with flashing images and sound as an introduction to the website. Sounds such as music that load up with the website can be extremely annoying and the majority of browsers will immediately go searching to stop the music, if they stop on your website at all.

Finally when considering website design in Kent give some thought to the length of the page. You will of course want to put as much information as you can into the website. However people do not normally like to go on scrolling endlessly down the page. If you have a lot of information to put into the same category then split it up onto different pages. This is simply done by adding a link to go onto the next page at the bottom

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