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Tips for professional website design in Ashford

When looking for professional website design in Ashford there is many factors that need taking into account. Of course being professionals any website designer should be able to provide you with help and advice when it comes to getting the best out of your website. The design of all websites should vary slightly based on what it is you are offering or selling. However there are also some factors that should be integrated into the majority of websites.

One of the best tips for professional website design in Ashford is to make the website as easy on the eye as possible. Visitors to the website will not want to have to navigate through many pages just to get to what they want. They will not also want to have to struggle to read very small text or text that is hard to read with dark lettering against a dark background. Of course while the website needs to stand out and attract visitors, it is the information on the website that should do this and not useless large graphics or videos or even too much advertising. Too much advertising is a huge distraction for those visiting your website. However advertising is one way of earning money from your site. The same applies to lots of animation and sound clips, you might think they go towards making the site look “cool”, however auto loading sound clips can be very annoying and flashing images can look a little “cheesy” to say the least.

Background images should also be reconsidered. For one they can take a long time to load and the majority of people visiting your website will not want to hang around to wait for huge pictures they are not interested in seeing loading. Plain backgrounds also make the text easier to read and are less of a strain on the eyes. Many of the big names who have websites and which get million of hits do not have background pictures.

Another tip for professional website design in Ashford is to make it easy for those browsing to find the information they want with the minimal of clicking. This means that you need to have clear and concise links not only from the home page but also from all web pages. Browsers of the website will not want to have to keep clicking on the “back” button in order to be able to move around.

Finally any professional website design in Ashford should ensure that the website is designed for all resolutions of screen. For instance some users might be viewing the website on a smallish square monitor while others could be using widescreen. Therefore the website needs to be able to stretch to all screens and it still should be visually pleasing on the eye. Some thought also needs to be given to the size of the text that is used on the website. Too small a text and those reading the website will have to strain to read the information and this will be a pain especially if you are providing a lot of valuable information in the writing.

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