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Content Marketing

Adding unique content to any website is one of the most important components you can have to attract new business, visitors and search engines to your website.

With Financial and Insurance websites, providing access to the most up to date news and information will be a great way to attract new clients and business to your website.

Here a small selection of content ideas you could add to your website to beef it up. The more unique content you have, the more likely it is that the major search engines will come and visit. Think of it this way, the more unique pages you have, the more salesmen you have out there attracting new clients and new opportunities to your business.

With all content make sure you write for the customer first and search engine second. While search engines are important to get you noticed, there is really no point driving people to these pages only for them to switch off and go elsewhere.

The content we provide is unique and optimised both for a search engine and a reader.

Benefits to adding web content

  • Search engines love good quality unique content – By feeding these engines, you will ultimately be driving more traffic back to your website
  • Builds web real estate – Having a bigger site means more opportunities for the search engines and visitors to find your site
  • Visitors look for information – Gives your visitors lots of useful information to allow them to make more informed decisions
  • Fresh, new content keeps everyone interested – search engines love new content, and users will come back time and again for new information and advice
  • Educate – content can pre-educate your customers so when they are ready to buy, they will feel obliged to do it with you
  • Filters – content can attract the right visitors to go further or deter the tyre kickers until they are ready to buy

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