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Choosing a finance website designer

When choosing a finance website designer you need to look around and get some idea of the type of design you want for your website. A website aimed at the financial industry needs to be as clear and concise as it possibly can be. It should be too flashy or be bogged down with graphics that are intense and that take a long time to load. Flashy graphics are not needed and this only adds to the time it takes for the website to load so a good website designer will advise you on this and steer you clear.

A light coloured plain background with dark text is preferred over a dark background with light text as it is easier on the eye. Image backgrounds of course should be avoided as this takes time to load and the writing can be very hard to read. When using fonts, the standard fonts that come with all systems should be used. If you use fancy fonts then they may not show up correctly on the computer.

When looking for a finance website designer they should be able to give you advice specific to financial websites. A lot of care has to be taken when designing a financial website in the respect that you have to be able to provide the consumer with advice and information relating to the products you are selling.

The Financial Services Authority does check financial websites and are clamping down on any website that fails to offer clear and concise information to consumers. They found that around a quarter of the websites that they checked failed to live up to the expectations and failed in the consumers best interests.  This quarter were found to have left out key facts and were difficult to navigate around. The FSA have published practises for the finance website designer to follow in the hope that standards will improve.

It is essential to get online with your own website and a good website designer can come in very useful. With around 45% of all adults having access to the internet on a regular basis your business can thrive online. Around 18% of business users also claim to buy their financial products online too and around 40% use the internet to do research when considering buying a financial product. This is where you can make the most of it by providing web pages filled with articles, tips and FAQs.

A finance website designer can give you advice when it comes to choosing the layout of the web pages. There should be clear links to the web pages leading off from the home page. However these same links should also be present on all of the pages. They should be presented in the same area and not haphazardly strewn around the pages so the consumer has to go looking for them. A home page button should also be included on all web pages so that the consumer can get back to the home page with just one click of the button.

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