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Tips and hints when looking for an insurance website designer

A good website designer can be hard to find and a good insurance website designer can be even hard to find. To being with there are all the problems associated with designing a standard website and then there are factors that are specific to an insurance website.

One thing to bear in mind when looking for an insurance website designer is that they understand that the Financial Services Authority do check financial websites and as such the website has to live up to certain criteria. For example there should be pages that have all the relevant information regarding insurance products and your website also has to include the key facts of the insurance products.

Standards of financial websites have improved somewhat, however around a quarter of those checked had failed to include key information regarding the products they were selling and also were failing when it came to the ease of use for navigating around the website.

With the amount of people now turning to the internet as a way of buying their financial products it is essential that they are given the correct information and advice. As buying online is so easy it can lead to consumers rushing into making a purchase that they do not fully understand and this is one of the main concerns of the Financial Services Authority.

Clear and easy navigation is a must and any insurance website designer should realise this and be able to work with you towards a professional looking website that is easy to get around. To being with you will need to split the website up into several different pages depending on the products you sell and the information you want to give out. You should therefore have clear links or buttons which will give access to this information from the homepage. However you will also have to supply the same links on all pages that extend from the homepage so that consumers can navigate further around from wherever they are. A home page button should always be included as many times consumers will want to straight back to where they started. All buttons and links should remain static throughout the website. For instance if your links are down the left hand side of the home web page then this is where they should throughout the rest of the website.

Of the many pages that can be included by the insurance website designer you should give some thought to such as a company profile, press release page and news page. The news page can be one of the main sources of keeping the website up to date as can the press release page. The company profile can be used to show what you have achieved in the past, what your plans are for the companies future and here is where you can also introduce staff members to the consumers. You could include a short biography of key staff members and for that personal touch add small photos.

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