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Tips when looking for a website designer in Ashford

When your company is branching out online in Ashford you will need to look for a website designer in Ashford who can provide you with a stunning professional website. Putting together such a website is not as easy as it sounds. There are factors that need some consideration and these will go towards how successful your website will be.

A good design is essential and many factors go towards ensuring a good design. For instance the actual colours and text used need taking into account. You will want a website that stands out, however you will not want to confuse those browsing; the information on the website must be easy on the eye and quick to load. If you insist on using images as your background and have the text directly over the image, this can make reading a nightmare. A good website designer in Ashford would recommend that you stick with a plain coloured background which preferably is light coloured and has dark text against it. This is easier on the eye than having a dark background that has light coloured text on it. Another disadvantage of having a background image is that images take a long time to load and this means hanging around waiting, many do not want to wait for a picture to load.

A good website designer in Ashford would also recommend not using gifs, flashing images, sound files and videos unless of course they are needed specifically. Sound files that load up automatically are a distraction and many do not like music in their ear while browsing. There also take a long time to load up. Flashing images look very cheap and they are not needed. Look at some of the most successful websites and you will see that they are kept to the minimum and the website is plain.

Easy navigation is an essential part of any website and a good website designer in Ashford will realise this and make recommendations to you. Along with placing good clear links to other parts of your website you also need to include these links on every single webpage on the website. Not only this, but you also need to put the same links in the same place on every single page. There is nothing more annoying and time consuming than having to look around for the links on every page you visit.

Get a web design ashford quoteWhile you will want to include as much information as possible into the website, do not make the pages too wide or too long. People do not generally mind scrolling down a few pages on the website but when they have to scroll across this is generally a big no-no. Those who are viewing on 800 x 600 screens can usually accept 770 pixel widths at the most, anything above this and they would have to scroll left and right when reading. Again a good web designer in Ashford will be able to recommend the page width and length. You are better off adding pages and clear links to move onto the next page rather than have one long endless page to scroll.

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