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What a website designer in Ashford, Kent can offer you

A website designer in Ashford, Kent is able to offer you the chance to get your company online in style. They will know all the ins and outs of what makes a successful website and will be able to work with you to put yours together. As the whole idea of a website is to boost your business and make people aware of your existence the website will have to tailored to your company and also be in the best interests of those browsing.

A website designer in Kent will be able to offer from experience knowledge of what works best and what generally should be avoided when planning your website. Usually what you have in mind for being a professional looking website is far from their ideas and as they are the professionals you should listen to them.

For instance your idea of a great website might be a flashy introduction with music blaring and a video intro with all the works. However in reality this will take time to load and in some cases it can take some considerable time if the viewer as a slower internet connection. This can lead to them clicking away from your website before it even has time to finish loading. Even if they do have patience many flashing graphics and music is anything but professional looking and it is not needed.

A clean and quick loading website with a light coloured plain background and dark text is far easier on the eye and takes less time to load. There are no distractions such as moving gifs, sound and confusing backgrounds that make reading a nightmare. The text size also needs considering as does using plain fonts. If you have special fancy fonts some computers might not be able to display them correctly and this deters from the effect you aimed at producing. Fonts that are readily available on all machines will display correctly whichever browser the person is using.

A good website designer in Kent will stress how important it is to have a clear and professional looking homepage. This is where everyone viewing your website will start off. This is where you will have pages branching off from and there needs to be clear and concise links on this page and all pages that lead off. The links should be at the top of the website and also across the bottom of the site. They should be in the same place on all web pages so that those viewing do not need to go searching around for them.

The size of the web pages must also be taken into account. Viewers will scroll down the website so far but this should not go on endlessly. It is far better to split the information up by several pages with clickable buttons to move back and forth. A good website designer in Kent will also provide you with information on sideways scrolling. Sideways scrolling should be avoided where possible as many find it off putting. In general you should aim for no more than 770 pixels in width to ensure that sideways scrolling will not occur for those who are viewing with a screen of 800 x 600.

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