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Web design Ashford ideas

Your website is the gateway to your business in cyberspace and as such as great deal of thought needs giving to your web design Ashford. There are some factors that you will need to be aware of and include in your web design and some mistakes that you need to clearly avoid.

To begin with take your time at the design stage to plan your site. This means you need to sit down and work out what pages you want to include in the website. Once you have planned this out then you need to give consideration to the actual layout of the web design Ashford.

One of the most important things you want to remember when planning the website is ease of access for the consumer. Those browsing your website do not want to have to spend a great deal of time finding the links to the information they want. With this in mind you should give thought to providing links down one side of the page which are clearly defined as links and which are included not only on the home page but also on all other pages that lead off from this.

Your text also needs some consideration. If the text is too big then it will appear as though you are shouting out at the consumer. If it is too small then those reading it will struggle to read and this will put them off. Stick with the standard fonts too, while you may think some of the fancy fonts will make the website standout, fancy fonts for the main text is not as easy to read as one of the standard ones.

The actual background needs thinking about too when web design Ashford. It is preferable to stick to plain coloured backgrounds. A light background with dark text also works better than a dark background with light text. If you have a picture background then reading text will be hard work and has the disadvantage of taking a long time to load up.

The graphics on the website need thought too. Putting your company logo on the web site is ok but do not overdo it with the graphics. Professional websites do not rely heavily on flashing graphics, pictures, gifs, sound or videos to make them stand out. In fact many people are put off from staying on the website if they have to wait for these to load up. Not only do they take time to load but they also put many off from what they want to do. Flashing graphics in the peripheral vision can be very distracting. Music that loads up with the website and begins to play is also a big annoyance for many individuals and this can mean they turn away from the website almost immediately.

Get a web design ashford quoteYou do need to include certain pages when planning web design Ashford. It is generally a good idea to tell those browsing a little about you and the company. You can include short biographies; tell consumers what your goals are for the future and also what the company has achieved up to the present. You can include a photo of key members of staff and of course give contact numbers.

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