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Web design in Kent – ideas to get you off to a great start

When giving thought to web design in Kent there is some factors that are considered “no-no” and some which you should add in without doubt. Always bear in mind how you view websites and what puts you off. For instance pop ups are a huge annoyance so it only makes sense to ensure that your website does not bombard the consumer with pop ups. Another general hate is music that loads with the website. This suddenly blasts out at the unsuspecting viewer and is a great pet hate, so leave this out too. Waiting a long time for graphic heavy websites to load up is also another great no-no, you could find that many simply will not wait and will click off the website even before it has fully loaded.

Consumers want to be able to read the information clearly on your website so give a lot of thought to the text on the site. The text does not want to be too small so that it is uncomfortable to read, nor does it want to be huge and glaring. Also stick with the most common fonts, not all fonts will be available on all systems and this can lead to an unsightly mess that is hard to read. You should also give some thought to ensuring that the web design in Kent is suited to all browsers and for all size monitors. There will be people viewing the website on smaller square screens and also some lucky enough to have extremely large widescreen monitors. With this in mind the website must be able to adapt.

You should consider the fact that while you will want to get as much information onto the website as possible you also do not want the page to go on endlessly. People will scroll down to some extent but if you have a large amount of information then you are better off splitting it onto several pages. This is easily done by adding links to pages at the bottom of the page.

You will also want to bear in mind for web design in Kent where you put the links. Your links should be clearly visible from the homepage of the website of course. Make sure that people know these are links to pages; buttons are usually used to allow those browsing to go onto other pages. Not only do you have to show these links on the homepage they should also be on all other pages linking off from your main page. These should preferably be in the same place on all other pages so that those browsing do not have to looking for them. There is nothing more annoying than web designers putting links in different places and having to go looking for them. You should also always have a “home” button on all web pages as this will allow those browsing to just go back to the home page with one click and not have to make several just to go back to where they started. A site map is also a good idea as is a search facility if the website is large.

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